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Tips for dealing with a delinquent ex

Despite the fact that you and your ex arranged a child custody agreement that clearly disclosed the amount of money your ex owes you each month, you are concerned about his or her ability and willingness to make payments in a timely and consistent manner. At Essig Law Office, we have helped many parents in Illinois to figure out the next step when they are dealing with the frustration of a delinquent ex. 

Keep in mind that while some people do not make their payments on time because they are ignorant, there may be other circumstances that lead to your ex's delinquency. For example, perhaps they are financially unable to make the required payments or maybe they have poorly managed their money. Whatever the reasoning, U.S. News suggests that you never plan your budget around receiving child support payments each month. Rather, budget the financial expenditure of raising your children into your personal budget so if a payment does not come through, you are still fully prepared to absorb the cost. On the other hand, if you do receive payment, you can put some of your funds into savings and be more prepared for a rainy day. 

Making room in your budget for child support payments

As you continue to work through your divorce in Illinois, you are beginning to realize that the way you spend your money needs to change in order to account for the changes in your living situation. One of the expenses that you will need to begin to budget for is child support payments. At Essig Law Office, we are familiar with the challenges that divorced parents face in terms of child care and support. 

As soon as you are aware that you will be getting divorced, it is critical that you begin modifying your spending habits to account for child support payments. Chances are, you will be required by law to pay some amount of money to help support the needs and interests of your children that you share with your former spouse. The sooner you begin to plan ahead for these changes, the easier the transition will be as you include another expense in your budget. 

Can you grow your family through stepparent adoption?

Illinois families come together in many different and unique ways. Sometimes, stepparents may feel such an attachment and connection with their stepchildren they want to adopt them. Stepparent adoption is a wonderful option for many Illinois families, but it is not always an easy process. 

If you believe this is a smart step for your family, it is beneficial to first understand how it works and how to move forward. There are various factors to consider, including the rights of the other biological parent. Because it can be a sensitive and intricate process, many families considering stepparent adoption find it beneficial to have qualified guidance as they move forward.

Emotional funeral service held for slain mother and children

Domestic violence is a prevalent problem that often goes unrecognized by friends and family of the victim. In fact, sometimes it can be so well hidden, that it is not until something seriously wrong happens that people learn of just how tumultuous a couple's relationship actually was. While there are stories of people in Illinois who have been able to successfully escape an abusive relationship, there are also tragedies when victims are unable to get away until it is too late. 

In a story that has captured national attention, a pregnant Colorado woman and her two young daughters were murdered by the man who was affectionately known as a model husband and father. Despite positive images plastered on the couple's social media pages, a dark side was unbeknownst to many onlookers. The tragic story began when the man claimed that his family was missing following an emotional conversation he had had with his wife. Several days later, the woman's body was found, along with her two young daughters, on the property where the man had recently been employed. 

Can you get a property lien removed?

For one reason or another, you have a lien on your property. While a seemingly small issue at first, liens can actually be quite the headache to deal with and can prevent you from being able to sell your property in Illinois until it is corrected. If not addressed in a timely manner, a lien can begin to affect your credit score and ultimately impact your ability to get awarded credit if you need it in the future. Fortunately, if you do have a lien on your property, there are things that you can do to correct the situation before it negatively affects your future. 

As soon as you are notified of a lien on your home, one of the first things you should do is to find out why it was placed. Having a reason can help you come up with a plan to correct the situation. According to SFGATE, liens are generally court ordered and will not be removed until the full amount is paid in accordance with the requirements outlined by the lienholder. In some cases, you may have the option of requesting a payment plan that will allow you to pay off your debt in a manner that is reasonable for your personal situation. 

Deciding if selling your home is right for you

You have toyed with the idea of selling your home in Illinois, but you cannot decide if the decision is right for you. Selling your home could provide you with many benefits, but it could also leave you in need of making some critical decisions regarding where you would relocate to and what kind of property you would want to purchase in its place. At Essig Law Office, we have helped many people with the legal side of transferring property and buying or selling their real estate. 

The process of deciding whether or not to sell your existing home takes time to make. In fact, you may feel strongly one way and change your mind the very next day. Ultimately, it comes down to your overall goal of why you would want to sell your property, as well as whether or not the pros outweigh the cons. has provided some helpful information for retirees who may be considering selling their home, but the information can be applicable to anyone. In trying to decide whether or not to list your property, some of the things you should remember include the following:

  • You no longer want to be a homeowner and would rather have the flexibility of renting.
  • The market is in a prime spot to purchase more real estate. 
  • Your current home has gained exponential value which would give you a large amount of equity upon selling. 
  • Selling your property and looking elsewhere for housing could put you in a better position from a financial standpoint.

Tips for successfully borrowing money for your home

You are just beginning the process of buying your first home in Illinois. You are excited at the thought of being able to own some property and make it your own rather than be obligated to pay monthly rent for something that will never be yours. At Essig Law Office, we have helped many people to work through the process of buying and selling property without compromising their safety or financial security. 

Unless you have saved a significant amount of money, chances are you will be taking out a loan to fund your purchase of the property you have decided to buy. This loan will require you to make consistent payments of an agreed-upon amount each month. Failure to make your payments on time could mean the property is repossessed by the lender who agreed to help you fund your investment. 

Domestic situation to blame for deadly shooting

While divorce is rarely a pleasant process for many Illinois couples, there are times when excessive emotional trauma, jealousy and anger can lead to dangerous situations. In these incidents where domestic violence occurs, it can sometimes be too late for intervention. People who feel that their wellbeing is at risk because of the actions of their former partner, may be eligible to receive protective status from their local authorities. 

In a recent case out of Arapahoe County in Colorado, authorities responded to the scene of a domestic incident where they found an injured woman and a deceased man. Both victims had been shot. Upon gathering evidence from the scene, investigators determined the identity of the suspect and began searching for him. Eventually, they found him and as they closed in on his location, he shot himself and died. 

Visitation rights and your right to access to your children

Child custody and visitation matters are some of the most complex and emotionally charged issues parents may deal with during a separation or divorce. In most cases, both parents feel strongly about protecting the interests of their children and their own parental rights. One of the most difficult aspects of this is seeking a fair and reasonable visitation order.

Barring issues of violence or safety concerns, most parents have the right to regular visitation with their children. However, parents may not always agree on what that looks like or how that should work. As a parent, it can be beneficial to understand how to shield your rights and maintain a strong relationship with your children.

How can you help your child through relocation?

You and your spouse have made the difficult decision to part ways and pursue a divorce in Illinois. A consequence of this decision means that you and your children are going to have to relocate and find someplace else to live. While you are optimistic about the changes ahead, you are also faced with the uncertainty of how your children will adapt to their new living environment and family situation. Fortunately, there are things you can do to facilitate a better experience for yourself and each of your children. 

While you want to avoid gossiping about your ex or venting your deepest thoughts and concerns to your children, it is critical that you update them on the situation along the way. Doing so may help to prepare them for what is ahead and help them to feel included in the changes that are taking place. According to, some of the actions you can implement along the way include the following:

  • Acknowledge their emotions and help them find healthy ways to cope.
  • Make an effort to get to know your new neighbors and help your children find friends.
  • Maintain a schedule the best you can to keep things consistent. 
  • Allow them to have a say in making certain decisions such as which room they get to sleep in or how to decorate their new bedroom. 
  • Do not expect a seamless move, but rather remain flexible when circumstances are unexpected and stressful. 

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  1. The Essig staff are courteous and helpful, and the attorneys are professional and knowledgeable. They are very efficient, with prompt turn-around times on title orders and real estate closings. I would highly recommend this office to others!

    -Donna Jones Craig Jim Maloof Realtor

  2. The Essig staff are courteous and helpful, and the attorneys are professional and knowledgeable. They are very efficient, with prompt turn-around times on title orders and real estate closings. I would highly recommend this office to others!

    -Donna Jones Craig Jim Maloof Realtor

  3. The Essig staff are courteous and helpful, and the attorneys are professional and knowledgeable. They are very efficient, with prompt turn-around times on title orders and real estate closings. I would highly recommend this office to others!

    -Donna Jones Craig Jim Maloof Realtor

  4. The Essig staff are courteous and helpful, and the attorneys are professional and knowledgeable. They are very efficient, with prompt turn-around times on title orders and real estate closings. I would highly recommend this office to others!

    -Donna Jones Craig Jim Maloof Realtor

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