Proactive Steps In Planning Your Estate

Essig Law Office is an Illinois-based law firm with wide experience in all aspects of estate planning and administration matters. Whether yours is a relatively modest estate or one that presents complex financial issues, we can provide advice and representation designed to accomplish your goals.

With proper planning, you can:

  • Provide for your own and your family's future needs
  • Transfer wealth to a new generation
  • Avoid family disputes and protect assets

Our Simple Philosophy In Our Practice Of Estate Planning: Do It Right

At Essig Law Office, we get to know you personally. We take the time to not only learn about you and your financial situation, but also your family and the values and goals you all share.

With a focus on personalized representation and customized strategies, our attorneys develop estate plans and related documents that include:

  • Simple wills
  • Trusts for minors and generation-skipping trusts
  • Estate tax minimization strategies
  • Complex estate planning issues
  • Farm succession
  • Tax return preparation
  • Estate administration
  • Probate administration
  • Will contests
  • Trust litigation

Your estate plan is a reflection of the time we created it. Over time, families and financial situations change. A marriage, children or pending retirement requires us to revisit the original documents.

Contact Our Washington Law Firm For Estate Planning Help

Whether you need an estate plan reviewed, written or revised, we will attend to every detail. To schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer at Essig Law Office, call 309-481-2431 toll free or send us an email.